Red Dot Remedies by Quek Mei-Xian Joanne

Red Dot Remedies (a play on Singapore’s nickname, “little red dot”) is an introductory kit to traditional remedies and herbal medications of Singapore. It can be used to tackle skin issues, respiratory issues and insect bites that may inflict first time visitors of Singapore who are not used to Singapore’s weather.

The kit also provides cures for common ailments such as colds and headaches. The best part is it offers this collection of 8 homemade local remedies READYMADE for your convenient usage. However, if you want to, the kit’s User Guide also gives you instructions how on to make some of these homemade remedies yourselves.

Also featured in this kit are the top herbal medicines of Singapore – Tiger balm and Axe Brand Oil. They have been household favourites in Singapore, and has been gaining recognition abroad as well.

I went through many changes in finalising my concept. I started off with wanting to do on tradition ointments of Singapore – Tiger Balm and Axe Brand oil, as they are very effective and common in Singapore households and are gaining recognition abroad as well. In the process it became making a survivor kit for Singapore’s weather, hence featuring things like umbrella, water bottle and N95 mask on top of the remedies. In the week before submission it was scrapped as many commented it was too complicated and I was back to square one, featuring only remedies and ointment.


Final remedy logo-30.jpg

The logo took the shape of a bandaid to suggest the brand’s ability to heal. The leaves were to suggest the herbal and natural elements of the kit. The “+” sign is to make the fact it is a healing/curing kit more prominent. The name “Red Dot Remedies” is a play on Singapore’s nickname, the “Little Red Dot”, because it is so small it is only a dot on the world map.

My packaging went through a few changes as well.

Sustainability: I really wanted to create a packaging that is reusable after its products have been used so that it would be more sustainable. The reusable aspect was a driving force in all the designs of my box. Initially, I created 2 prototypes of a box that could open up to be reused as a hanging shelf. However in the end I scrapped that idea and went with a simple multifunctional box. It was inspired by an Apothecary Cabinet. One layer has different compartments and one does not so that it gives user more flexibility when they reuse the box for other purposes.

Product Expansion: There is also free space where the pamphlets are kept so that the user can purchase more remedies. Remedies can be stacked above the paper pamphlets. I imagine there will be more types of remedies available if this kit was a real selling product.

The lid is designed in a way (with an extra layer below) to hold the box in place when it is closed.

how it opens up.jpg

Multipurpose double layer box
User Guide Pamphlet: Product intro + Remedy Recipes + Directions to use remedies
User Chart: Summary of where remedies/medications can use used on body
8 Remedies: 2 types of herbal drink(3 packets per type) + 6 bottled remedies
2 Medications : Tiger Balm, Axe Brand Oil

All pamphlets and products are labelled with its name followed by what the product can treat. I stuck with a colour scheme of cream and red as I wanted it to be a reminiscent of the colours of Singapore as well as a first aid kit.

Following pictures shows products arranged for illustrative purposes:

IMG_0904 copy.jpg


IMG_1092 copy

IMG_1093 copy.jpgremedies.jpgtea packet.jpg






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